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Akshardham - New Jersey, USA

Teak Wood

The wood known for its exceptional durability and quality, Teak wood is considered to be the king of woods pertaining to its Class I durability and warm golden tone that lasts for generations. 

Shree Balaji Lumbers, since decades have been one of the pioneers in providing Teakwood to the nation and exporting globally making us the top among Teak Wood manufacturers in India.

With our quality ,expertise and perfection, we are the trusted supplier for every major institution, architectural firm and consumers.


The Pinnacle of woods and the most robust of them all. Harvested from centuries old forests of Myanmar, the growth and maturity makes Burma Teak the sole king of wood that can withstand all kinds of weather and conditions.


Burma Teakwood is the only choice for every master piece be it a Modern House or astonishing structures built around the world to the yatchs sailing high seas.

There comes certainly no alternate to the durability and gracefulness of Burma Teakwood. 

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The teak with the maximum oil content and dark grains in it, Indian teakwood is the most robust and dense of them all. widely preferred by consumers and architects looking for a bold and dynamic combination.


Indian Teakwood is highly resistant to weather changes, Heat and termite infestation, making it highly durable and decades of life.


African Teakwood is widely known for its golden-brown Grains and high density.


Imported from the forests of Tanzania, Cameroon, Congo, Sudan etc. , SBL is known for its best supply in African Teak among the Teak Lumber suppliers in India. Widely providing consumers, architects, temple trusts and others with the best range of African Teak that can be seen throughout the nation in various prominent structures.


Teak Lumber suppliers in India


Latin American Teak

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